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Kizlyar Australia officially begun operating in 2005, with its main office in North Sydney. The company's original role was to establish the Kizlyar brand of Knives in Australia and also to market the product to both retail and wholesale customers. Soon after, it was realised, that Australia was a great testing ground for our products and the feedback from the Australian clientele was found invaluable. Therefore, Kizlyar Australia started to play a much more major role in research and development of new knife models and also the improvement and upgrade of existing models.

Our ability to work with major players in the Hunting and Outdoor industry in Australia, quickly raised the awareness about Kizlyar brand in Australia and in the United States. By 2009, Kizlyar was holding a solid position amongst the top production handmade knives sold in Australia and our knives can now be purchased from almost every major hunting store throughout the country.

It was early in 2010, when it was decided to broaden our product range. And so today Kizlyar Australia is the official distributor of many other superior quality brands of knives, as well us well known outdoor accessory brands. Some of these brands include Kizlyar Supreme, Olamic Cutlery, Down Under Knives, Tecnocut Viper, Knivsmed Stromeng, H Roselli, Kainuun Puukko and many more.

About Kilzyar Knives

Dagestan is a southern Russian province with a long and decorated history of warfare and weapon craft. It has a prestigious weapon manufacturing history that dates back to the 14th century. Some areas were dedicated to the production of swords and daggers (sashka and kinjhal) while others focused on firearms and the decoration of both previous types, but all would bear characteristics unique to Dagestan.

Presently, the firm of IE Kizlyar Ltd. has the responsibility of upholding the traditions and crafts of those by-gone days by continuing the ancient trade of weapon manufacturing, whether its the production of traditional Cossack sashka (sabre), kinjhal (dagger) or finely crafted hunting and decoration knives forged in Damascus steel, adorned with precious stones and metals.In 1992, IE Kizlyar Ltd. (previously known as «Energoremont») produced it’s first run of knives for special orders. Upon completion, the knives were of such high quality that many more orders were soon to follow, and thus the excellent reputation of Kizlyar Knives was forged.April 1995 was to be a milestone in the companies history, being the first company in Dagestan to receive a licence for permission to manufacture hunting and military knives. Under Russian law, these items are classed as «cold weapons» and therefore, authorisation is required to legitimately produce them. This brought about the conception of the first, highly popular knife models - Scorpion, Taiga and Berkut. These found favour almost immediately with Special Forces and Police due to their aggressive design, nature and ultimate reliability.

The success of this venture brought about a wave of popularity, inundating the company with orders for more products, prompting a second company to be created in order to cope with ever growing demand. That being Kizlyar Knives.This joint company was named in honour of the town where it is currently situated, Kizlyar, Dagestan. In keeping with tradition and authenticity, local craftsmen, armourers, jewelers and other masters in their craft, all with skills inherited from their family trades were invited to join the company in its success. Re-affirming the companies success is the combination of centuries old traditions coupled with the application of modern manufacturing technology to produce authentic, high quality knives with supreme fit, finish and performance.

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To say that the range of Kizlyar knives is large and diverse would be an understatement. There are over 100 different models and variations on each one. From traditional weapons such as Cossack sabres, Damascus models, hunting knives, military knives, folding knives to fishing knives and daggers. All of which are subject to compulsory certification. While Kizlyar’s main production facility is in Dagestan, there are other branches dedicated to the production of Art knives and museum pieces. This department of Kizlyar was created in 2001. It is currently based in Saint Petersburg. It utilises the skills of Master craftsment, silver/goldsmiths jewelers and blacksmiths, of which are selected from the Muhinskaya Highest Art Academy. Knives and pieces created here are manufactured using the finest of precious materials including Damascus, Bulat steel, gold, silver, cupronickel, niello, enamel, bone and leather. Precious stones are also part of most pieces, you will see knives encrusted in diamonds, garnets and others.

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High quality knives can only be produced by highly skilled blacksmiths, this is why Kizlyar employs the most famous Russian blacksmiths for its Saint Petersburg branch - L. Archangelsky, U. Sarkisyan, V. Soskov, S. Lunev and others. This branch produces hunting knives, kinjhals, Japanese tantos, collectible sashkas, swords, sabres, broadswords and the like. All work is carried out by hand resulting in the highest level of craftsmanship at every stage and adding to the artistic value. Customisation and flexibility are some of the many keys to success for Kizlyar Knives, this is why the company offers the individual a chance to have a knife made to their own specifications and choice of materials. This has the advantage of presenting the customer with a totally unique product that not only satisfies their own requirements but is a one-off, rare and therefore collectible piece.

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In the on-going search for new ideas and products, Kizlyar has gained the help of an Australian knife collector. His experience and creative flair have contributed to a number of successful designs and he now works for Kizlyar Knives as a designer and production advisor delivering new and better knives to our customers. Kizlyar Knives is now considered to be the most successful Russian knife manufacturing company not only in Russia, but around the world with a dealer network of over 600 store locations. Knives are shipped to all four corners of the globe from throughout Russia, to the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, United Kingdom, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Australia and the United States.

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Throughout the years, Kizlyar Knives has made its mark on the world of cutlery manufacturing not only through its high quality products but its numerous awards, trophies and exhibition status. From the year 2000 onwards, Kizlyar has participated at more than 30 specialised shows and exhibitions annually in Russia and on the international scene. Participation in these shows has become somewhat of a tradition in itself for Kizlyar Knives, therefore you will always see Kizlyar at the following events:

  • Shot Expo - Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
  • The Greengrass Antique and Modern Arms Expo at Penrith - Sydney, Australia.
  • The National 4X4 Outdoors, Fishing and Boating Expo-Melbourne Australia.
  • Hunting Expo and Convention -Brisbane, Australia.
  • Hunting and Fishing Expo - Moscow, Russia.
  • Fishing and Hunting Paradise Expo - Moscow, Russia.
  • Blade Expo - Traditions and modernity - Moscow, Russia.
  • IWA Expo - Nuremburg, Germany.
  • SHOT Show - Las Vegas, USA.
  • Blade Show - Atlanta, USA.
  • Silva Regina - Prague, Czech Republic.

Kizlyar Knives makes high quality knives and the company has won many prestigious awards around the world. We have numerous tributes to our good name, from our own nation and overseas. These include some of the following examples:

  • The Diploma for Adherence to Traditions as awarded by the Armourers of Russia.
  • Traditions and the Art of Blade
  • The Sharpest Knife from an international exhibition.
  • The golden Galaxy from the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce for high quality products

In 2004, at the IWA exhibition in Nuremburg, Germany, and in competition with 10 other countries (a total of 72 knives entered into the competition ) the Golden Mask knife from Kizlyar Knives was awarded First Prize as the best and most collectible knife at the show. Described by the judging panel as a «pedigree collectors knife» due to its magnificent, beautiful construction and attention to detail. A true work of art by all standards. Moreover, Kizlyar Knives Company is a member of the Association of Folk Art Crafts of Russia and a laureate of the "100 Best Products of Russia".

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Kizlyar Knives has a product to suit everyone for every situation and task. Materials currently used in the creation of Kizlyar Knives are as follows:


  • Russian 65×13 steel.
  • French z90, z60 and z50 steels.
  • Russian U8 and W1 carbon steels
  • German D2 and equivalent tool steels
  • Damascus (Kizlyar type, forged in-house).


  • Resin impregnated Caucasian Walnut.
  • Rubber.
  • Elastron-G.
  • Kapron cord.
  • Various Bone and Horn types.
  • Ebony.
  • Compressed leather washers.
  • Micarta

Sheaths / Scabbards:

  • Treated leather
  • ABS polymer
  • Kydex

The next list of materials relates to those materials that are used in the production of our famous art knives.

  • Cupronickel (German silver)
  • Pure Silver.
  • Ebony, Rosewood, Mahogany.
  • Bone, horn and Ivory.
  • Stingray skin / leather.
  • Diamonds, garnets, emeralds, rubies and semi-precious stones.

Variable techniques for decorative purposes are also utilised, such as gilding, enameling and niello. To the untrained person, Damascus steel would seem to be just another mysterious type of material used in making knives, but in reality, it is a very highly sought after item when in the form of a knife. It has its origins in ancient times, from the city of Damascus in Syria. To dispel some of the myths and legends, Kizlyar Knives has provided a small amount of information on Damascus steel and exactly what makes it so famous.


This steel type consists of a large number of layers of more than one type of steel, forged and fused together to create a monogamous medium. For example, two different types of steel in variable ratios (one being high carbon steel and the other being low carbon steel) are heated and forged together. The steel is «worked» or beaten and folded, then beaten again and folded again, causing a «layered» effect. There can be as many as 200 to 500 layers of two different types of steel in a Damascus blade. This results in a fusion of different steels and also a fusion of the benefits of those different steels. Typically, the high Carbon steel has a hardness of 55-62 HRC while the lower Carbon steel will be in the 47-52 HRC range. This combining of the steels has the effect of producing a blade that is both strong and flexible with nearly perfect edge-holding ability. Damascus, while almost being the perfect steel will however rust without oiling and maintenance to prevent corrosion.

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