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With 2013 well and truly underway, Kizlyar have jumped on the Social networking wagon to make sure all of our friends and fans can be kept up to date with our most current activities. Our new facebook fan page will set the scene for product promotions, competitions and latest news for all our shows and exhibitions. We have also begun a series of Kizlyar Tv videos through our YouTube channel, helping our customers get a better idea and perspective of our products, where you can ask questions or leave feedback regarding your Kizlyar products. We have also got a Twitter account which you can follow along with all our other pages on the links below or the floating sidebar on the website.

Not to be forgotten is our section on the AHN forum (Australian Hunting Network) which is another great venue for learning lots about hunting in Australia, and being part a friendly and informative community. Join now if youre not already a member ~

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