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INTRODUCING! - The Father of all Knives! AVAILABLE NOW

When talking about , knives made famous by Hollywood there are only a few that really stand out above all. And you could bet your last dollar, that the top two that almost everyone knows are,… The first would be the robust survival /tactical knife used by the Sylvester Stallone character, “John Rambo” in the Rambo movies. And the one that is even better know Down Under, was made famous by the well known one-liner, “ …that’s not a knife…this is a Knife”. It is of course the massive Bush-knife used in the 1986 blockbuster hit, which show cased the wild side of Australia to the rest of the world.

Well here is the great news, although we do not sell the Rambo knife, we did just recently took on the distributorship of the Down Under Knives in Australia. Down Under Knives are the manufacturers of the true Croc Bowie knife, which goes by the name of " The Outback".

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At first glance this 16.5 inch monster might seem like another gimmick that you would hang on the wall. But let me tell you…It is far from it. This knife is actually an ultimate bush knife, made to a very high quality and cleverly designed to take on almost any task thrown its way. As described by the manufacturer, “…The Outback™ features a forged, dual heat treated 440C stainless blade honed to a razor sharp edge. The spine retains some spring to it while the edge has been made hard enough to withstand hundreds or thousands of cuts with no perceptible dulling. This is not a wall hanger - we set out to create the most devastatingly effective Bowie knife ever produced, and designed every detail like we mean it. Hack, slash, chop, cut, crush... This is one blade that will never let you down. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, so we back this claim with a full five-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The handle is skillfully crafted out of genuine ebony, leather and brass with an ultra-strong tang that will not twist or break in heavy use. The solid, bead blasted brass hand-guard and pommel complete the distinctive look. The Outback™ is truly both a great example of the knifemaker's art as well as the most rugged, dependable tool an outdoorsman could wish for.”

Until now, we at Kizlyar believed that we had the mother of all knives, the famous DV-2. But if you are the type of man that believes bigger is better, then I am proud to say that now we can offer you the Father of all knives! THE OUTBACK!

How To Sharpen A Knife - "Updated Article"

One of the most common questions that we receive in Kizlyar is: "What is the best way to sharpen my knife?" and to be quiet frank there is no easy answer when it comes to knife sharpening as there are a multitude of factors that play a role in how quick you can sharpen your knife.

Firstly, buying a properly heat treated knife made from decent quality steel does make life a lot easier. Please do not be put off the words "Stainless Steel". There is a huge miss-conception in the market these days about stainless steel and we often speak to people who think a stainless steel is one particular "rather poor" type of steel. This is a totally wrong and miss-informed belief. The reality is that any steel that is rust resistant, hence contains elements like Chromium and Vanadium, is classed as "Stainless Steel". There are many types of stainless steels, e.g. 440C, 440B, AUS8, AUS6,D2,

full article here.....

Selecting The Right Cutlery

There are literally tens of thousands of brands, designs, types, models and materials to choose from when selecting a good working piece of cutlery. Good quality knives, just like all tools, are made by many a vendor these days and the person that finds themselves in a position to purchase a new knife or tool would be somewhat bewildered by the choices available. To make life a little easier, we decided to put together this article, which we are hoping will assist you in selecting the right knife or tool for your specific needs..


Selecting The Right Steel!

These days, the old adage of there is really only 2 types of steel is no longer valid. Modern technology and advances in metallurgy and materials have allowed us to create alloys and compositions to suit a monumental range of applications. From space-craft to simple springs.

Just like the huge range of knife and cutlery designs available today, the range of steel types and grind profiles is also quite daunting...


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